Statistic Yearbook
Reference Work
Legal Knowledge
  • 9,305 titles of full-text journal, over 90% of all official published journals in China
  • Full coverage of academic journals and finely selected journals in arts, culture and other fields
  • Century journals project, featuring key academic journals, dating back to the first issue
  • Online before print and daily updated
  • Subscription by title and by subject
  • Original display and browsing as the print
  • Multiple search fields such as article title, journal title, author, subject and full-text
  • Refer to those journals which are exclusively and soly authorized for online publishing;
  • The most authoritative and high quality journals;
  • 3964 titles 43% of all journals in China
  • 778 titles of core journals,42% of all core journals
  • 2,100 titles of academic journals
  • 194 titles of top 3 in various subjects, 64% of the total top 3
  • 50% of titles by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); 75% of titles by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
  • Core resources of Chinese journals
  • Collects 7,672 titles, covering 99.6% of all academic journals in China
  • Covering philosophy, humanities and social sciences, science and technology, agriculture, medicine and health care, etc.
  • Finely selected journals back to first issues
  • Selects 4,004 titles with high value of preservation and academic influence
  • From 1915 to 1993
  • Six million full-text articles, 1/4 of the toal of China, making it an indispensible part of Chinese journals
  • Classical Historiac Materials, Core Holdings
  • Reproducing the developments of economy, politics, science and technology and culture in contemporary and modern China
  • Classical historic materials for China studies, special value for holdings
  • Research on social developments in a century
  • Huge amounts of journal backfiles are still being widely cited and CJP is an important source to study the social developmenst of modern and contemporary China
  • Articles of CJP stands for the highest level of research in some fields such as mathematics, psychology, archaeology and etc.
  • Continuously accessible for over a century, consequently presenting a complete run of researches
  • Collects 325 titles of liberal arts journals comprehensively, systematically and continuously
  • Covers 57 titles of core journals; 23 titles only available in CLAJD; article count over 1.2 million
  • Covers literature, arts, photography, music, dance, acting and etc.
  • A classical database to read and study China’s literature and arts in various stages
  • Collects 427 titles of culture journals with 1.7 million full-text articles
  • Covers all kinds of popular and mainstream journals such as history, humanities, politics, finance, entertainment and health
  • The first professional platform for digital publishing and dissemination of pop culture journals in China
  • CDMD is the only official full-text dissertations publication product with ISSN and CN
  • CN: CN 11-9246/G,ISSN:1671-6779

Complete coverage of dissertations/theses from top universities and research institutes

  • 144, 000 doctoral dissertations from all 384 PhD granting institutions and 1.1 million excellent master theses from 547 master granting institutions
  • Complete coverage of disseratation/theses from “985 Project” and “211 Project” Universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agriculture, State Key Laboratory etc.
  • A wide subject range such as philosophy, social science and humanity, natural science and engineering technology, etc.

Systermatiacally reflects major national research achievements

  • A large quantity of dissertations/theses supported by China national research programs (863 Program, 973 Program, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation)
  • Systematically reveals major achievements of national research programs; A valuable source of intelligence

Reveals China’s latest research achievements

  • 1.5 months behind the time when degrees are granted
  • Preprint publishing and daily updates, delivering the latest research achievements

Exclusive licenses by top institutions

  • Exclusive or sole licenses by 209 PhD institutions, 65% of the total in China
  • Exclusive or sole licenses by 301 mster institutions, 56% of the total
  • “985 Project” universities, 74% of the total
  • “211 Project” universities, 70% of the total

Copyright Protection Mechanism

  • Signing license agreements with degree granting institutions, such as Tsinghua University, Jilin University, Zhejiang University, etc when they hold online copyright
  • Signing licenses directly with authors, such as students of Peking University, Renmin University of China, etc. if they hold the online copyright themselves

All Influential Newspapers Full-text Searchable

  • Covering 544 titles of core newspapers officially published in mainland China since year 2000; Article count reaches about 7.8 million so far with a daily update of over 8,000.
  • Selecting all influential titles sponsored by governments at and above prefecture level, such as Peoples’Daily, Jiefangjun Bao, Guangming Daily and Beijing Daily
  • Selecting influential titles by top newspaper groups, such as Wenweipo and Southern Weekly
  • Selecting important professional titles, such as Jisuanji Bao, China Chemical Industry News and First Financial Daily

Wide Coverage of Areas

Complete Coverage

  • Complete coverage of proceedings of major and regular conferences
  • China Conference Proceedings Full-text Database selects proceedings of conferences by universities, research institutes, associations, academic societies at and above second class since 1999. Some important proceedings date back to 1953. Paper count exceeds 1.35 million from 15,000 coferences to date. Through copyright licences, proceedings from 1,910 academic societies are only available in CPFD, accounting for more than 80% of all international and national conferences in China.

High Academic Quality

  • 85% coverage rate of national and international conferences;
  • 95% completeness rate of important conferences by major sponsors
  • Covering high quality proceedings of conferences sponsored by key national laborataries and research projects;

Novel Topics

  • Reflecting hot topics of various subjects, including new discoveries, controversial viewpoints, and unproved hypothesis;

High Academic Quality

  • Less than 30 days time lag behind print publication

China Yearbooks Full-text Database (CYFD) is the first continuous publishing full-text database of yearbooks in China with CN (11-9126/Z)

Complete collection, authoritative content

  • Including 2,161 titles of yearbooks with 15,300 volumes in total since 1912, 95% of the total in China
  • Complete run of years, short lage time behind print copies
  • Wide subejct coverage of all aspects of social developments of China
  • Exlusive or sole licenses for 1,415 titles of yearbooks
  • 480 central level yearbooks, 98% of the total; 1,151 local titles, 95% of the total

An indespensible collection for China studies

  • Authoritative and comprehenive yarbooks with original display and browsing feature as the print; An indispensable collection for China studies
  • Complete records of major events and data in different regions of modern China, boosting subject, industrial and regional studies

Authoritative, comprehensive and timely updated China statistics

  • Full coverage of all officially published yearbooks and other statistcial materials
  • Releasing monthly and quaterly data in real time

Download your data in EXCEL format

  • In-depth data process for all the statistical data in EXCEL format
  • Professional editors to carefully review each statistical data within tables
  • High quality switch from traditional print format to editable EXCEL format

Searching and compiling data from different locations, industries and years at one time

  • Intelligently mines the variables such as index title, year, region and numeric value
  • Massive data extraction from different tables, chapters and titles

In-depth data mining

  • Descriptive statistical analysis and comparative analysis capabilities
  • View the ful-text statistical tables and generate graphs
  • Export the analysis results into Excel or Word, or print out directly

Data Source Review

  • Provide source information for each piece of data
  • Detailed source information, including book title, chapter, table and page number

Comprehensive coverage of reference works

  • 4,000 reference works from 200 publishers including 15 million entries and 800k graphics
  • Various types including dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, atlas, chronicles, manuals and etc
  • 70% of all titles are exclusively licensed to CNKI
  • 40 subject databases, reflecting the essence of Chinese culture, ethnics and regional customs; An online encyclopedia to understand the developments of China’s industries and research perspectives

Rich Content and High Resolution Graphics

  • Covering massive amount of graphics on various fields of Chinese culture with detailed descriptions, such as archeology, traditional arts, historical events, ancient architecture, unique animals and plants; A precious database for the study of China’s history and culture;

Precision, Authority, Creditibility

  • Collected titles are all compiled by experts and published by famous publishers; A precise and authoratative online source for referencing and citation.

Ceamless Linkage to Related Resources

  • Correlation linkage to other entries within the same database and other databases including journals, dissertations, proceedings and newspapers; Finding answers to questions aroused during the process of reading at any time.