Product Introduction
English Name: China Yearbooks Full-text Database (CYFD)
Brief Introduction: CYFD is the largest and continuously updated yearbooks full-text database in China. It covers various fields, including basic national conditions, geography, history, politics, military, diplomacy, law, economy, science technology, education, culture, sports, medical health, social life, figures, statistical material, documentary standard and regulations, etc. It has collected 2,828 titles and 22,756 volumes of yearbooks by now.
Reminder: It may display 504 error message if the file size is over 20MB in PDF download,CAJ download is highly recommended in this case.
Features: It collects full-text of various types of yearbooks including national, regional, industrial and enterprises and so on.
Classification: Classified by fields, district and CNKI 168 subjects.
Year Coverage: 1949 onward.
Product Forms: Web, mirror sites and flow accounting.
Publication Frequency: Biweekly.
Publisher: China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. Copyright Statement