Product Introduction
English Name: Century Journals Project (CJP)
Brief Introduction: The database selects the most cited journals based on the analysis of the latest five years citations of journals, dissertations, proceedings and books and retrieves the selected journals from the first issue. The database collects more than 5.8 million papers and 4,100 titles from synthetically and specialized journals.
Features: CJP is a tool for the research on social development in a century, reproducing the development of economy, politics, science and technology and culture in contemporary and modern China, classic historic materials for China studies, special value for holdings.
Series and Subjects: The product comprises 10 series, which are Science/Technology/Engineering A (Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Astronomy, Geology and biology), Science/Technology/Engineering B (Chemistry, Chemistry Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Environmental Science and Mining Engineering), Science/Technology/Engineering C (Mechanics, Aeronautics, Traffic, Hydraulic, Architecture and Energy), Agriculture, Medicine/Hygiene, Literature/History/Philosophy, Politics/Military/Law, Education/Social Science, Electronics/Information Technology, Economics and Management. The 10 series are further divided into 168 subjects of databases.
Year Coverage: Journals from 1915 to 1993, some of which date back to the first issue.
Product Forms: Web, mirror sites, DVD-ROM and flow accounting.
Publisher: China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. Copyright Statement