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Research on Chinese as a Second Language from the Perspective of Pedagogy

【Author in Chinese】 王丹萍

【Author】 Wang Danping;

【Institution】 新西兰奥克兰大学亚洲研究系

【Abstract in Chinese】 近十年来,汉语作为第二语言教学研究发展迅速。在海内外学术期刊中刊载的高质量教学类文章有所增加,研究对象和研究方向更加多元丰富。教育学作为第二语言教学的基础学科之一,重视人在教育过程中的成长和变化。汉语教学研究的发展也为整个第二语言教学研究拓宽了视野,它强调语言教学的目的不仅在于教授语言知识和培养交际能力,更在于发展学习者的多种通用能力。本文尝试从教育学视角的出发,讨论汉语作为第二语言教学研究的发展历程,在对已有文献进行综述性研究的基础上,结合部分海外研究成果,展示有关汉语作为第二语言学习者、教师和教学方法的最新研究动态。

【Abstract】 The research on teaching Chinese as a second language(TCSL) has developed rapidly in the last decade. Both local and international academic journals have published an increasing number of high-quality articles, which have covered new research subjects and directions. As one of the foundations for the research on TCSL, pedagogical theories focus on the growth and changes of learners. The emerging research on TCSL has contributed to the overall development of the research on second language teaching and learning, and attaches importance to developing learners’ generic skills through teaching the language knowledge and training communication skills. By adopting pedagogical theories and research methods, this paper presents a review work of existing literatures and overseas research outputs, and discusses emerging research trends of TCSL from the aspects of learners, teachers and teaching approaches.

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