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非相干散射雷达进展:从传统体制到EISCAT 3D

Progress of the incoherent scattering radar:From the traditional radar to the latest EISCAT 3D

【Author in Chinese】 丁宗华代连东董明玉许正文吴健

【Author】 DING Zong-hua;DAI Lian-dong;DONG Ming-yu;XU Zheng-wen;WU Jian;China Research Institute of Radio-wave Propagation;State Key Laboratory of Space Weather,Chinese Academy of Sciences;

【Institution】 中国电波传播研究所空间天气学国家重点实验室

【Abstract in Chinese】 从最初的电离层非相干散射雷达探测概念开始,介绍了早期的传统体制非相干散射雷达的建设情况,在分析其技术特点及其不足的基础上,介绍了近年来基于相控阵技术的新体制非相干散射雷达,重点介绍了正在筹建的代表当今非相干散射雷达最先进设计水平的欧洲EISCAT 3D的技术特点、性能指标、科学能力和最新进展,最后给出了我国非相干散射雷达建设与发展的几点考虑,本文对非相干散射雷达的设计、建设和使用等具有重要参考意义.

【Abstract】 Starting from the proposal of the ionospheric incoherent scattering radar(ISR),we introduced the mainly technical specification and performance of the early ISR.Then the new phased array radar is described after their shortcomings of traditional radar are studied.And then the EISCAT 3D,which act as the most advantaged one nowadays in the ISR design,is investigated detailedly including the technical characteristic,scientific usage and latest progress.Finally we give some suggestion for us to build and develop our ISR in China.This paper is of importance to improve our ability in the design,construction and operation of ISR.

【Keywords in Chinese】 电离层非相干散射雷达EISCAT 3D相控阵
【Key words】 ionosphereincoherent scatteringEISCAT 3Dphased array
【Fund】 国防技术基础项目;空间天气学国家重点实验室开放课题(Y22612A33S)资助
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