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Protective Effect of Qishen Erzhu Tang on Fluoride-Induced Thyroid Injury in Rats

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【Author in Chinese】 朱莉萍胡秀杨林戴芸

【Author】 ZHU Li-ping;HU Xiu;YANG Lin;DAI Yun;Huangshi Center Hospital of Edong Medical Group,Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Polytechnic University;Hubei Key Laboratory of the Pathogenesis and Intervention of Kidney Disease;

【Institution】 鄂东医疗集团黄石市中心医院(湖北理工学院附属医院)肾脏疾病发生与干预湖北省重点实验室

【Abstract in Chinese】 目的探讨芪参二术汤对过量氟所致大鼠甲状腺损伤的保护作用。方法将60只正常雄性SD大鼠,随机分为正常对照组、甲状腺损伤模型对照组、甲状腺片组(40 mg/kg)和芪参二术汤低剂量(10 ml/kg)、芪参二术汤高剂量组(15 ml/kg),每组12只;大鼠饮用高氟水(含Na F 150 mg/L)120 d造模,造模同时分别进行相应药物干预。120 d后采用放射免疫法测定各组大鼠血清中总三碘甲状腺原氨酸(TT3)和总四碘甲状腺原氨酸(TT4)的含量,并进行组织病理检测,观察组织形态结构。结果与正常对照组比较,甲状腺损伤模型组大鼠TT3和TT4含量降低,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);与甲状腺损伤模型组比较,甲状腺片组、芪参二术汤低剂量组大鼠和芪参二术汤高剂量组大鼠的TT3和TT4含量显著升高,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.01)。甲状腺病理诊断结果,组织形态结构明显改善。结论芪参二术汤对过量氟所致大鼠甲状腺损伤具有保护作用。

【Abstract】 Objective To explore the protective effect of qishen erzhu tang on fluoride- induced thyroid injury in rats. Methods Sixty normal male SD rats were randomized into a normal control group,a model( thyroid injury) control group,a thyroid tablet( 40 mg/kg) groups,a low- dose( 10 ml/kg) group and a high- dose group( 15 ml/kg) of qishen erzhu tang,12 rats in each one. The rats were modeled with Na F,150 mg/L,for 120 days. Simultaneously,the interventions of corresponding medicines were applied. In 120 days,RIA method was used to determine the levels of TT3 and TT4 in the serum. The histological and pathological test was conducted for the observation of histological and morphological structure. Results Compared with the normal control group,TT3 and TT4 levels were reduced in the model control group,indicating the significant difference( P < 0. 01). Compared with the model control group,TT3 and TT4 levels were increased significantly in the low- dose and the high- dose groups of qizhen erzhu tang,indicating the significant differences( P < 0. 01). The pathological diagnostic results showed that the histological and morphological structure was improved apparently. Conclusion Qishen erzhu tang presents the protective effect on thyroid injury caused by over- dose fluoride in the rats.

【Keywords in Chinese】 芪参二术汤甲状腺总三碘甲状腺原氨酸总四碘甲状腺原氨酸
【Key words】 Qishen Erzhu TangFluorideTT3TT4
  • 【Source】 世界中西医结合杂志 ,World Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine , Editorial E-mail ,2016(11)
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  • 【Internet Publish Date】2016-12-15 13:32
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