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The Analysis of6Patients with Severe Pneumonia Caused by Unknown Viruses

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【Author in Chinese】 李旭

【Supervisor】 钱传云

【Author's Information】 昆明医科大学, 急诊医学(专业学位), 2013, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 2012年4月、5月,我院先后收住6例未知病毒引起相关重症肺炎患者。此6位患者均为同一矿洞工人,工作环境中接触大量蝙蝠及蝙蝠粪便。最终结局3位患者死亡,3位患者存活。据中国科学院昆明动物研究所鉴定,此6位患者工作矿洞内蝙蝠正为中华菊头蝠,然而我国科学家在寻找SARS病原的过程中,在中华菊头蝠体内提取出了SARS样冠状病毒(SARS-like-CoV)。本文针对6例患者所感染未知病毒相关重症肺炎的诊治过程及可能引起的病因、病原学进行推断与分析。

【Abstract】 There were6patients with severe pneumonia caused by unknown viruses sent to Dep. Emergency, the first affiliated hospital of Kunming medical university in April,May,2012.They were all workers at the same mine where had a lot of bats and bats’feces. After the treatment,3patients died and3patients survived.According to the appraisal of the Kunming institute of zoology, Chinese academy of sciences, the type of the bat in mine where6patients worked is Rhinolophus sinicus, from which was extracted SARS-like-CoV when Scientists in China were in the process of looking for SARS pathogen. The article aims at making an inference and analysis on the diagnosis and treatment process and the may causes, etiology of6patients with severe pneumonia related to infection by the unknown viruses.

【Keywords in Chinese】 重症肺炎蝙蝠SARS样冠状病毒
【Key words】 severe pneumoniabatsSARS-like-CoV
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