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Optical Technique
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:0.633
Combined IF:0.392

Journal of Test and Measurement Technology
Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.400
Combined IF:0.240

Journal of Ballistics

Comprehensive IF:0.942
Combined IF:0.561

Journal of Applied Optics

Comprehensive IF:0.695
Combined IF:0.477

Journal of Detection & Control
Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.540
Combined IF:0.353

Acta Armamentarii
Online First
Comprehensive IF:1.204
Combined IF:0.818

Ordnance Material Science and Engineering
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:0.563
Combined IF:0.382

Vehicle & Power Technology
Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.476
Combined IF:0.219

Journal of Gun Launch & Control

Comprehensive IF:0.602
Combined IF:0.354

Explosive Materials
Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.526
Combined IF:0.270

Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.813
Combined IF:0.417

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