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World Architecture
Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.471
Combined IF:0.213

Art & Design
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:0.441
Combined IF:0.291

Tsinghua University Law Journal

Comprehensive IF:4.783
Combined IF:2.875

Tsinghua Journal of Education
Online First
Comprehensive IF:1.995
Combined IF:1.585

Modern Educational Technology
Online First
Comprehensive IF:3.068
Combined IF:2.148

Quarterly Journal of International Politics
Online First
Comprehensive IF:1.317
Combined IF:0.976

Computer Education

Comprehensive IF:0.557
Combined IF:0.487

Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:0.938
Combined IF:0.512

Physics and Engineering
Online First
Comprehensive IF:0.424
Combined IF:0.341

Journal of Automotive Safety and Energy
Online First
Comprehensive IF:1.694
Combined IF:0.815

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