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Peking University Law Journal
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:5.387
Combined IF:3.520

Economic Science
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:3.207
Combined IF:2.155

Earth Science Frontiers
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:3.479
Combined IF:2.535

Journal of Analytical Science

Comprehensive IF:0.772
Combined IF:0.591

Chinese Journal of Drug Dependence
Online First Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:0.665
Combined IF:0.512

Foreign Literatures
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:0.321
Combined IF:0.150

Journal of Academic Libraries
Online First
Comprehensive IF:2.445
Combined IF:2.255

Peking University Education Review

Comprehensive IF:2.208
Combined IF:1.688

The Journal of International Studies
Exclusive publishing
Comprehensive IF:1.208
Combined IF:0.717

Population and Development

Comprehensive IF:1.843
Combined IF:1.216

Progress in Physiological Sciences

Comprehensive IF:1.015
Combined IF:0.663

Chinese Journal of Diabetes

Comprehensive IF:1.735
Combined IF:1.295

Chinese Journal of Orthodontics

Comprehensive IF:0.661
Combined IF:0.523

Chinese Journal of Neonatology

Comprehensive IF:1.117
Combined IF:0.992

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