Yearbook title:  故宫博物院年鉴(英文版)
Yearbook English title:  ANNUAL REPORT 2009 OF THE PALACE MUSEUM
Year:  2009
ISBN 978-7-5134-0061-9
Chief editor:  冯乃恩 主编
Editorial institution:  故宫博物院
Publisher:  紫禁城出版社
Publication time:  2009.09
Total pages:  85
Price(RMB):  78.00
Subject:  故宫博物院-北京市-2009-年鉴-英文
CLC code:  G269.263-54
Content summary:  The year 2009 saw the Palace Museum take advantage of the occasion of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the P.R.C.,involve itself actively in such undertakings as collection manageme...


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