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Influence of water and sediment regulation in xiaolangdi Reservior on plankton resources of Yellow River in section from Hukou to Sanmenxia

【Author in Chinese】 余斌张建军刘一欧张军燕沈红保任敬

【Author】 YU-bin1,ZHANG Jian-jun1,LIU yi-ou2,ZHANG Jun-yan1, SHEN Hong-bao1,REN-Jing1(1.Yewllow River Fishery Research Institute,the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences,Xian 710086; 2.Xi’an International University,Modern education technology center,Xian 710077)

【Institution】 中国水产科学研究院黄河水产研究所西安外事学院现代教育技术中心

【Abstract in Chinese】 通过对2011年小浪底水库调水调沙对浮游生物群落结构的分析表明,调水调沙前后浮游植物种类组成变化不明显,都是以硅藻门占优势,但是密度、生物量显著下降;浮游动物中轮虫种类明显减少,大型浮游动物甲壳类及枝角类部分消失,浮游动物密度、生物量显著下降。

【Abstract】 It analyzes the plankton community composition of a regulated discharge regime of the river from June to July in 2011.The results showed that: the change in composition of phytoplankton was not obvious and the dominant species is Bacillariophyta,but the density and biomass of phytoplankton showed significant decline;A significant reduction in composition of Rotifer,the density and biomass of zooplankton descended obviously.

【Keywords in Chinese】 调水调沙黄河浮游生物
【Key words】 water-sediment reguationYellow Riverplankton
【Fund】 国家水产种质资源整理整合项目资助(2012DKA30470011)
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