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Problems of Insufficient Backflow of High-level Chinese Talents from America

【Author in Chinese】 姬冰澌徐莉

【Author】 Ji Bingsi;Xu li;

【Institution】 河北师范大学教育学院河北师范大学《终身教育与培训研究》杂志

【Abstract in Chinese】 近年来中国留学生回国人数不断增加,可是高层次人才回流依然不足。课题组通过问卷和访谈的方法,调查了在美顶层大学就读的中国留学生关于未来的回国意向,依据推拉理论对统计数据进行了分析,我们发现影响高层次人才回流的最重要原因主要是国内的专业发展环境问题。尽快优化国内专业发展环境是促进高层次人才回流的重中之重。

【Abstract】 The number of Chinese overseas students returning home is increasing for the past few years,but the backflow of the high-level brains is still insufficient.In order to know their intention of returning home after graduation,through questionnaires and interviews,our research group investigate the Chinese overseas students who are currently studying at the USA top-tiered universities,according to the push and pull theory,the statistics datas were analyzed.It was found that the most important reasons that affect returning is the professional development environment.In the end,to promoting high-level brains backflow,some suggestions are given on improving the professional development environment.

【Fund】 本文系全国教育科学“十二五”规划2012年度教育部重点课题“全球化视域下中外学生留学趋势及对我国教育改革和发展的启示”(课题批准号:DGA120222)的研究成果之一
  • 【Source】 教育学术月刊 ,Education Research Monthly , Editorial E-mail ,2014(07)
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