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The Research on Xuyunhua and Her Poetry

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【Author in Chinese】 田婧

【Supervisor】 刘再华

【Author's Information】 湖南大学, 中国古代文学, 2013, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 徐蕴华(1884—1962)一生经历了晚清、民国、新中国三个历史时期。一生积极配合资产阶级民主革命,宣传妇女解放和革命思想,兴学办报,是一位在风云变幻的时代里成长起来的新型女性。徐蕴华是南社著名的女诗人,柳亚子曾赞誉她“足以担当女诗人之名而无愧”。其诗歌创作成果颇丰,有诗歌近450首,收录于周永珍女士编的《徐蕴华、林寒碧诗文合集》一书当中。本文从徐蕴华的家世背景、生平交游、创作题材、艺术风格等方面入手,还原历史本来面目,将研究重点放在对徐蕴华诗歌内容及艺术特征的探求上。诗歌内容部分主要采用分类评述的方式,以揭示其中所体现的思想和感情。论文分五个部分。第一部分为绪论,简要介绍徐蕴华诗歌研究现状、徐蕴华诗歌的研究方法,意在说明徐蕴华诗歌研究的可行性。第二部分主要介绍徐蕴华的家世背景与交游情况,对她的生活背景与交游活动有基本的了解。第三部分介绍徐蕴华诗歌的创作情况。按内容对其诗歌进行分类介绍,将其诗歌分为政治抒情诗、写景记游诗、思乡思亲诗、哀悼诗及其他诗歌,如劝勉诗、题赠诗、感怀诗等,分析诗歌及其中所体现的思想。第四部分析徐蕴华诗歌的艺术风格。重点分析其诗歌的结构艺术、情感特征及用典、叠字艺术。最后是结语部分,略述她诗歌的创作背景及诗歌的历史价值。

【Abstract】 Xu Yunhua (1884—1962) in the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, alifetime experience of new China in three historical periods. Life actively cooperatewith the bourgeois democratic revolution, promote women’s Liberation andrevolutionary ideas, school newspaper, is a growing up in the age of the new femaleamidst the winds of change. Xu Yunhua is the famous female poet, Liu yazi oncepraised her "to take the name of a poet". Hers poetry is poetry achievements, nearly450songs, included in the Zhou Yongzhen women’s "Xu Yunhua," a Book of poetrycollection of Lin Hanbi.This article from the aspects of Xu Yunhua’s family background, life experience,creative theme, artistic style, historical true colours, will focus on the exploration ofXu Yunhua’s poetry content and artistic features.The poetry content mainly uses classification review manner, to reveal thethoughts and feelings.The paper is divided into five parts. The first part is theintroduction, briefly introduces the research methods, research on Xu Yunhua’s poetryof Xu Yunhua’s poetry, intended to illustrate the research feasibility of Xu Yunhuapoetry. The second part mainly introduces the family background and his friends XuYunhua, on her life background and social activities have a basic understanding of.The third part introduces the creation of Xu Yunhua’s poetry. According to the contentdescribes the classification of his poetry, his poetry into political lyric poetry, poems,poems, poems of homesickness festive condolences and other poems, such as poetry,poetry, exhorted inscribe lyrics, poetry analysis and thought which reflects the.Analysis of the artistic style of Xu Yunhua’s poetry fourth. The analysis focused on thestructure of the art, poetry emotion characteristic and allusions, reiterative locutionarts. The last part is the conclusion, the creation background and poetry in her poetryhistory value.

【Keywords in Chinese】 徐蕴华诗歌艺术风格
【Key words】 Xu Yunhuapoetrystyle
  • 【Contributor】 湖南大学
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