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Studies on the legal issues of environmental protection of the Jiaozhou Bay

【Author in Chinese】 马英杰吕良爽Stuart Pearson

【Author】 MA Ying-jie;Lü Liang-shuang;Stuart Pearson;School of Law and Political Sciences, Ocean University of China;School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, Australian Defence Force Academy, University of New South Wales;

【Institution】 中国海洋大学法政学院澳大利亚新南威尔士大学堪培拉分校物理环境及数学科学学院

【Abstract in Chinese】 胶州湾正面临着严重的环境问题,如湿地减少,海域面积不断缩小、纳潮量持续减小;水域污染严重,水质日益恶化;生物资源衰退等,针对这些问题,对涉及胶州湾的各级法律法规进行分析研究,找出了现行法律的欠缺之处:法律体系不完善、海洋执法水平较低、司法救济不足。立法方面,国家立法和地方立法不完善,尚未形成健全有效的胶州湾保护法律体系;执法方面,既往的执法工作取得了积极有效的成果,但执法能力仍然有待提高;司法方面,受制于我国司法体系,司法救济并没有真正到位。针对这些不足提出解决胶州湾法律问题的对策建议,主要有:健全海洋法律体系、提高海洋执法能力、健全司法救济制度。期望为青岛市整治胶州湾环境问题、合理开发利用胶州湾、保护胶州湾海洋环境提供参考。

【Abstract】 The Jiaozhou Bay is facing some serious environmental problems, such as wetlands reducing, sea area shrinking, continuous tidal volume decreasing, serious water pollution, water quality deteriorating, biological resources declining, etc, and all of these urgently need protection and governance according to law. In this paper, we analyzed all kinds of laws on the Jiaozhou Bay, and found the deficiencies in the existing laws: imperfect legal system, lower levels of marine law enforcement and lack of judicial remedies. In the legislation aspect, the national legislation and the local legislation are not perfect, and it has not established a sound legal system to effectively protect the Jiaozhou Bay yet. In the aspect of law application, although the previous application of law achieved positive and effective results, the law enforcement capacity still needs to be improved. In the judicial aspect, the judicial remedies are still not really in place due to our current judicial system. A series of suggestions and recommendations have been put forward to solve these problems including: structuring an excellent legal system, improving the capacity of law application, and perfecting the judicial remedies system.

【Keywords in Chinese】 胶州湾环境保护法律
【Key words】 the Jiaozhou Bayenvironmental protectionlaw
【Fund】 教育部人文社科基地研究项目(2013JDPY01)
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