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论中国叶肢介科(Sinoestheriidae Chen and Shen,1982)的分类


【Author in Chinese】 陈丕基沈炎彬

【Author】 CHEN Pei-ji;SHEN Yan-bin;State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy,Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology,Chinese Academy of Sciences;

【Institution】 现代古生物学和地层学国家重点实验室,中国科学院南京地质古生物研究所

【Abstract in Chinese】 中国叶肢介科的成员以个体大,生长线粗凸,其上有一排圆瘤,最后几条生长线在后背缘微微反弯曲,生长带宽而平,发育有大网状或线脊状装饰为特征。其个体之大,是叶肢介动物群中的佼佼者。该科原包括4属:Sinoestheria Chang,1957,Ganestheria Bi and Xie,1982,Stanleyviella Chen and Shen,1982及Sentestheria Wang,1981。通过对分类依据及构造特征的厘定,认为Sentestheria应划归于Nestoriidae。新建立2个属:Wanestheria(安徽叶肢介)及Brazilestheria(巴西叶肢介)。该科的地质历程较短,分布于晚侏罗世(Kimmeridgian)至晚白垩世(Coniacian-Santonian)。目前只见于中国、非洲及巴西。本文讨论该科与其它古似渔乡叶肢介类的关系。根据保存十分完好的Ganestheria的标本,对该属具有加厚的脊状背缘及背缘刺的特征做重要补充。

【Abstract】 Sinoestheriidae was named by Chen and Shen in 1982.It is characterized by large carapace,dorsal margin ridges or serrations,stout and convex growth lines with a row of nodes,slightly recurved near the postero-darsal margin and broad growth bands ornamented with veins,large polygonal reticulation,rare regular lirae or fibrous sculpture.Sentestheria Wang(1981)was referred to the Family Sinoestheriidae(Chen and Shen,1985),based on its tubercular structure on the growth line, but its postero-dorsal margin was not recurved.So it was concluded that it should be placed in the Family Nestoriidae(Shen and Chen,1984),instead of Sinoestheriidae.Two new genera are established in the present paper on the bases of large carapace in size,recurved growth lines,noded structure on the growth lines and ornamental characters. Thus, the family comprises five genera:Sinoestheria Chang,1957,Ganestheria Bi and Xie,1982(in Chen and Shen,1982),Stanleyviella Chen and Shen 1985,Wanestheria gen.nov.and Brazilestheria gen.nov.It appeared from the late Jurassic(Kemmeridgian)to Cretaceous(Coniacian-Santonian)and was widespread across China,Africa and Brazil.A well preserved specimen of Ganestheria was collected from type locality: Chenlong village,Longnan County,southern Jiangxi Province.This specimen shows the morphological significance of the genus from its ridge-like and serrated dorsal margin,so the meaning of the genus was emended,because the type specimen is not well preserved in the dorsal margin area.

【Keywords in Chinese】 中国叶肢介科分类演化地理分布
【Key words】 Sinoestheriidaeclassificationevolutiondistribution
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