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Self-Exploration and Poetic Memories: Contemporary Chinese Post-Misty Poetry Research in the U. S.

【Author in Chinese】 谢丹凌

【Author】 XIE Danling;School of Chinese Language and Literature ,Beijing Normal University;

【Institution】 北京师范大学文学院/比较文学与世界文学研究所

【Abstract in Chinese】 从中国当代诗歌在美国的翻译与研究情况来看,"后朦胧诗"一直是美国研究界关注的重心。对"自我"的深度探索以及诗歌里隐匿的历史碎片和诗性回忆,构成了美国学界研究后朦胧诗的独特视角。当后朦胧诗人试图借用诗歌承担对当代文化精神的思考、批判与构建,美国学界则期望通过解读后朦胧诗歌里隐匿的细节,窥探当代中国的社会文化变迁和民族人文精神的蜕变。文章旨在梳理后朦胧诗在美国的翻译与研究概况,重点呈现美国研究视阈里独特的阐释维度,为后朦胧诗在美国乃至英语世界的研究座标系中确立位置,也为中国当代诗歌自身的发展提供有价值的参照。

【Abstract】 From the perspective of translation and research of contemporary Chinese poetry in the United States,post-M isty poetry has alw ays been the concern of American academia. The deep self-exploration,the latent historical fragments and poetic memories form the unique angles,from w hich American scholars study the post-M isty poets. While post-M isty poets express their deep thinking,criticism and endeavor to update contemporary cultural spirit through their creation,American Academia expect to probe into the social cultural changes in contemporary China and the transformation of the national human spirit,by interpreting the details in these poems. This paper aims to sort out the translation and research of post-M isty poetry in the United States,and present the unique view points and angles from American scholars. It hopes to establish a niche for post-M isty poetry in research field of the United States and even Anglophone w orld,and offer valuable references for the development of contemporary Chinese poetry.

【Keywords in Chinese】 当代后朦胧诗美国翻译研究
【Key words】 contemporarypost-Misty poetrythe United Statestranslationresearch
  • 【Source】 燕山大学学报(哲学社会科学版) ,Journal of Yanshan University(Philosophy and Social Science Edition) , Editorial E-mail ,2018(02)
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