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1.Why does the system remind “Login failure, the user IP is illegal”?

Generally CNKI institute users could automatically log in by their IP address. If the IP address is out of the range which recorded in our system, this reminder will show up. If there is any change for the IP range of the institute, please contact with us to make the update.

2.My IP address cannot be automatically recognized, but I can login by my username and password. How can I deal with this problem?

Automatic login requires users to use the unique external network IP, the IP conflict may result in the IP login failure for users. Please contact with us when you meet this problem.

3.I cannot automatically login when I access to the CNKI platform through the proxy of my institution, what should I do?

If you can automatically login by directly visit the URL of CNKI, please check the server settings and configuration files of the proxy. Please contact with us if there is any concern upon this issue.