6.25AM First Session Topic: Forum of Chinese Digital Publishing

1 New Development and Features of Chinese Digital Publishing Technology

          Zhenhai Zhang, Senior Vice President & CTO, CNKI

2 CNKI Overseas Cloud Digital Publishing and Cloud Digital Library

         Chunxiao Ke, Director, International Publishing House, CNKI

3 Development and Prospect of Encyclopedia of China Online

          Li Gong, Director & Editor-in-chief, Encyclopedia of China Publishing House

4 Exploration on Digital Publishing of Shanghai Century Publishing Group

          Guoqiang Zhang, Executive Vice President, Digital Century Network Co. Ltd.

                                                                       Shanghai Century Publishing Group

5 Introduction to Repository of Chinese Hui Nationality

          Fu Hong, General Manager, The Yellow River Publishing & Media Group Co. Ltd.

6.25AM Second Session Topic: Chinese Digital Library (I)

6 Creating a Chinese Library for US Faculty and Students:

                                               Experience from Cornell University

          Dr. Li-ren Zheng, Curator, East Asian Library, Cornell University, US

7 Chinese Digital Resources Development in Taiwan

          Min Ku, International Chinese Professor, Tzu Chi University,

                                                                                             Taiwan Former Director of Center for Chinese Studies

8 Envision of New Library of University of Tokyo and Application of

                                              Academic Information

           Hidetaka Ishida, Deputy University Librarian, University of Tokyo, Japan

9 If you build it, they will come:

                                               an intra-institutional user engagement process

          Diana Chan, University Librarian, HKUST Library, Hong Kong

10 Proposal of Chinese Culture Cloud Digital Library Project

           Yimin Zhang, Deputy Director, China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House

6.25PM Third Session Topic: Chinese Digital Library (II)

11 Its Knowledge, also service:

                                       Introduction to a hundred quality reference works from the Commercial Press

           Shuxue Sun, General Manager, Beijing Commercial Information Technology Co., Ltd.,

                                                                                             The Commercial Press

12 Innovative Development of Tsinghua University Digital Library

          Ai-rong Jiang, Deputy Director, Tsinghua University Library, China

13 Institutional Repository of Hong Kong Academic Libraries

           Angela Ko, Associate Librarian, Fo Ping Shan Library, The University of Hong Kong

14 Small Scale Digital Project: Values and Issues

           Stephen Qiao, Acting Director, East Asian Library, University of Toronto, Canada

15 E-books Development Status, Acquisition and Application in USA

           Susan Xue, Head, Information and Public Services, UC Berkeley

16 The Nordic Model - a Regional Digital Library for Asian Studies

          Inga-Lill Blomkvist, Librarian, Library, Nordic Institute of Asia Studies, Denmark

17 Open Access: the University of California Mandate

           Cathy Chiu, Head, East Asian Library University of California, Santa Barbara, US


6.25PM Fourth Session Topic: Chinese Digital Library (III)

18 Progress on CNKI Digital Products

            Xiaolan Guan, Deputy Director, International Publishing House, CNKI

19 Chinese Collection and E-resources development of Macau Public Library

           Kent Ng Ka Chon, Director, Macau Central Library

20 Introduction of National University of Singapore and its Chinese

                                               Digital Library

           Dr. Chuin Peng SIM, Head, Chinese Library, NUS Libraries,

                                                                                             National University of Singapore

21 Digital Archive of Japanese Edo Period Historical Materials:

                                               Developing the Digital Library of Kaitokudo by Osaka University

           Kunihiro Yuasa, Director, Center for Kaitokudo Studies, Osaka University, Japan

22 Multi-Culture of Yunnan and the construction and development of

                                               University Libraries

           Yong-lin Wan, Director, Yunnan University Library, China

23 Experience on Technical Support to Cataloguing,

                                              Retrieval and Management of Chinese Books and Journals

          Hongli Jia, Information? Resource? Coordinator,

                                                                                             The University of National Australia Library


6.26AM Panel I Topic: Chinese Digital Library Development


24 Digitalized Resources and Service in Nanyang Technological University

                                              of Singapore

           Ruan Yang, Head, Chinese Library & Wang Gungwu Library NTU, Singapore

25 A New Role for Academic Libraries- Original Contents Organizer

                                               and Publisher

           Rachel Cheng, ?University Librarian, Lingnan University Library, Hong Kong

26 Government electronic publication depository and application in Taiwan

           Ching-Yi Yang, Librarian, Taichung Library, Taiwan

27 Digital Archive of Historical Spot

          Tomoko Kusano, Researcher, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

28 Research on database Library consortium in Taiwan

          Wei-Hwa Chen, Director, Library of Takming University of Science and Technology


Cloud Indexing Service and Chinese Resource Discovery: Experience of Open University Digital Library

          Ming Ko SUM, Assistant Librarian I &

                                                                Shirley LAM Mun Yee, Senior Assistant LibrarianThe Open University of Hong Kong Library

30 Japan Ancient Studies in Digital Era: Genji Monogatari Database

          Yu-tian BAI, Assistant Professor, Osaka University

31 Adopting cloud computing / web 2.0 technologies in library

                                               - HKBC experiences

           Terence Lau Librarian, Hong Kong Buddhist College Library