1、 Knowledge Service Based on Knowledge Elements

                     —— Zhang Zhenhai, SVP & CTO, CNKI  

2、 Cloud Publishing, Cloud Service, Cloud Digital Library

                     —— Xue Dejun, Deputy Chief Engineer, CNKI

3、 Chinese Digital Library(CDL)Based on Cloud Publishing

                     ——Ke Chunxiao, Senior Manager of Overseas Divison,CNKI

4、 Across the Research and Practice Boundaries: China Legal Knowledge Services(CLKD)

                     ——Wayne W.TIEN, Manager, International Legal, CNKI

5、 Digitalization and the Study of Chinese History

                     —— Linda Grove, Senior Consultant, Harvard-Yenching Library

6、 The Role and Vision of Open Access to Digital University Libraries in A Learning Society

                     —— Zhang Ruilin, University Librarian, Open University of China

7、 The University of Philippines Digital Library Systems

                     —— Salvacion Manuel-Arlante, Professor, University of the Philippines

8、 The Academic Library in a Knowledge Rich World

                     —— Peter E. Sidorko, University Librarian, The University of Hong Kong

9、 The Transition From Traditional Publications to Digitalization

                     —— Yu Dianli, President, The Commercial Press

10、 The Digital Management and Service Mode of University Libraries in Tai Wan

                     —— Chen Chao-Chen, University Librarian, Taiwan Normal University Library

11、 The Construction and Development of Electric Books Service Platform

        in Tai Wan Public Libraries

                     —— Lai, Chung-Chin, Director, Tai Wan Taichung Library

12、 The Digital Management and Service Mode of University Libraries in Tai Wan

         —— Zhu Guofei, Assistant Director, International Department, Social Science in China Press

13、 Peking University Library in the Process of Digitalization

                     —— Xiao Long, Deputy Director, Peking University Library

14、 The Construction and Service of the Digital National Library of China

                     —— Xie Qiang, National Library of China

15、 Managing Digital Resources at Chulalongkorn University

                     —— Pimrumpai Premsmit, University Librarian, Chulalongkorn University

16、 Keys to the Gate of Chinese Culture—

        Introduction to Dictionary (Cihai Version) of Literature, History and Philosophy

                     —— Sun Hongda, Deputy Director, Shanghai Lexicographic Publishing House

17、 The Current Situation and History of Digital Collection

        in Taiwan Chiao Tung University Library

             —— Yang Yong-Liang, University Librarian, Tai Wan Chiao Tung University Library

18、 Analysis System for Medical Research: Reference for Policy Makers and Individual

        Academic Performance

                     —— Hu Yu-Hsiang, Head Librarian, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Library

19、 Open Access at the University of Adelaide Library

                     —— Helen Attar, Researcher, Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide